Carbon ThreeSixty partners with leading run-flat system manufacturers to harness the advantages of advanced carbon composite materials. The Company designs, develops and tests carbon run-flats and the associated manufacturing processes; including tooling design and resin transfer moulding protocols, all of which are suitable for manufacturing process transfer if required. 


The Carbon ThreeSixty range of run-flats can be adapted for use across multiple industries and applications, from public transport to heavy duty defence all-terrain vehicles.


Carbon ThreeSixty’s “in wheel” run-flat systems enable vehicles to continue operation in the case of an of unexpected tyre deflation. For public transport, this would enable the vehicle to return to a depot for repair, and in defence scenarios allow the vehicle to escape hostile actions or danger.


The challenge with existing “in wheel” run-flat technologies is that they are extremely heavy and impair the vehicle’s performance when not in use. When in motion, a traditional run-flat can create a wheel load as high as 6,000kg. 


Carbon ThreeSixty’s lighter, stronger carbon composite run-flats can deliver a weight saving of 50kg per wheel, or 400kg on an eight wheeled vehicle. Most critically, this weight saving is in unsprung mass. 


Heavy duty vehicles manufacturers adopting Carbon ThreeSixty’s run-flat technology are seeking to improve vehicle performance, extend fuel range, and reduce weight or allow significant weight redistribution. 

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