Carbon ThreeSixty has over 20 years’ experience of mechanical design and material science expertise, gained through designing products and assemblies that include composite elements for sectors including aerospace, medical, defence, automotive and motorsport. 


Central to the company’s expertise is a deep understanding of load transfer in and out of composite components.  Whether by bonded joint or novel mechanical fixings, Carbon ThreeSixty has proven experience of combining metallic and composite components in high load bearing applications to meet demanding conditions and specifications.


TFP is an innovative, automated method of manufacturing highly optimised dry fibre preforms. The process enables fibres to be accurately laid down at precise angles time and time again. By optimising fibre angle and positions waste material can be reduced by as much as 90%

​TFP preforms are used in several of Carbon ThreeSixty's existing products enabling unrivalled optimisation in both strength and stiffness. Complex 3D geometries are possible by utilising netting techniques to predict the drape of 2D preforms.

Having this in-house capability enables Carbon ThreeSixty to design and build its own product specific preforms and fabrics on site in a matter of hours. 

Utilising automated processes also enables the scale up of future high volume production


Carbon ThreeSixty products are primarily manufactured via resin transfer moulding (RTM).  In all moulding processes, tooling design is key to ensuring a high quality product can be manufactured in volume to the customers' specification. 


Carbon ThreeSixty has extensive expertise in designing closed mould tools, gained through taking novel products from concept through to production and working with recognised expert partners. 


Carbon ThreeSixty’s in-house tooling design and manufacturing capability enables swift and low-risk progression from first generation proof-of-concept tooling, to ramp-up and volume production tooling.



The Carbon ThreeSixty team are experts in RTM and similar infusion-based manufacturing techniques.  The benefits of RTM include the ability to produce lightweight and extremely durable parts with complex geometries and excellent surface finish all round.  Additional freedom to select specific reinforcement materials, and hybrids thereof, along side novel or bespoke resin matrix systems allow the production of highly functional products. 

Working in close collaboration with suppliers, the team fully understands the technical specifications and capabilities of both machines and materials.  This enables ongoing development of proprietary manufacturing processes to harness the full potential of  carbon composites, and continually improve product performance. 

Additionally, Carbon ThreeSixty RTM processes are designed for scaleability.  In combination with the team’s tooling design expertise, Carbon ThreeSixty can provide fully transferable, large-scale manufacturing processes. 


Ed Allnutt CEng

Managing Director, Co-Founder

- Chartered Engineer

- Track record in Senior Management and Business Development.

- Proven innovator of composites for Automotive and Aerospace.

- Multiple Patents Granted

Will Battrick MEng

Chief Technologist, Co-Founder

- 15+ years in High Value Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

- Co-founder and main board member of Start-up to IPO success, Versarien plc.

- Skilled in transition from early-stage innovation to factory floor.


David Marson

Finance & Strategy

- 30 years years’ experience as a senior manager, director and consultant to SME technology companies.

- Extensive strategic and value creation experience.

- Multiple NED and Advisory roles.

Dr Nigel Salter BSc, PhD, CEng, FIET, FIMechE

IPR, Licensing & Technology

- Start-up professional with strong engineering and operational background.

- IPR & Research Commercialisation

Founding Member of the Bessemer Society

- SETsquared Business Mentor

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