Carbon ThreeSixty partners with with vehicle manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket distributors. The Company designs, develops and tests carbon fibre composite wheels and the associated manufacturing processes; including tooling design and resin transfer moulding protocols, all of which are suitable for manufacturing process transfer if required. 

The Carbon ThreeSixty range of composite wheels covers multiple industries and applications, from ultra lightweight, performance automotive wheels to heavy duty defence applications with any size or design.

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Within defence, our partners seek to reduce unsprung weight – while increasing durability and impact tolerance - to improve economy, vehicle performance, and attain greater flexibility in total weight distribution.  


Performance automotive wheel manufacturers are seeking lighter wheels to gain greater performance from engines and brakes, and the associated responsiveness from tyres, suspension, and steering attainable through carbon composite wheels.  


Carbon ThreeSixty develops hybrid wheels with a metallic centre bonded to a carbon composite barrel. This allows significant weight reductions and performance gains, avoiding the high cost and complexity of manufacture with full composite wheels.

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